Ultimaker 2 Unboxing and Review

“Ultimaker 2” features :
Low cost material
Easy to use and reliable
Designed for beginners and experts
Heated bed
Larger build envelope

Unique Transformation of Laser Cutter into 3D Printer

The most genius ideas are simple. The scientists from the Rice University discovered a new way of using a usual laser cutter. They transformed the device that destroys shapes into the inverse one that builds structures. The derived machine is a 3D printer.  Such a  printer can be successfully implemented in medicine where highly professional 3D printers cost hundreds of thousands dollars. read more

Don’t Want to Pay Dentists? Dare to Print Braces by yourself!

3d-printed-clear-aligner-bracesHe is the person who is disliked by dentists. His name is Amos Dudley. He is a 3-D artist and a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Why do dentists hate him and no Dudley dislikes them, as usual patient? He has done the dentist’s work perfectly without any medical education and certificate. Dudley corrected his teeth having 3D printed his own Invisalign braces. read more

Adidas 3D Printed Running Shoes Coming Soon

adidas-unveils-futurecraft-3D-01How to improve the results of professional runners without additional training and stimulants? The sportsmen know how important is the quality and the   excellent fitting of their running equipment for their success. While the running shoe manufacturers know in what direction to move to provide perfect and personalized shoes for their excellent sportive achievement. When the demand meets with the high tech possibility the Adidas Futurecraft 3D is born. read more

How to Guess the Dracula Orchid Disguise with 3D Printed Flower?

The 3D printing gradually enters our lives. And this is not only a final product like shoes and jewelry but it’s also a great deal of 3D models for medical surgeries and various science experiments.  The ecologists from the University of Oregon decided to introduce 3D printed flowers in their investigation of the Dracula orchid. read more

New Scribble 3D Pen is the Chance to Create Right Now


Do you want to create a 3D object? But you are not ready to spend money for a 3D printer. Start your 3D making process with a 3D pen. It’s cheaper and can bring you even more pleasure of creation than a 3D printer, because you don’t draw the project of your object in CAD program but in reality with your own hand. read more

Lady in Red, 3D Printed Dress Fits to Each Woman

What woman doesn’t dream about a perfect dress for herself? A lot of tailors work hard to please women. But the problem of choosing the smart clothing is still relevant for many ladies .

A design Company Nervous System approached dressmaking both from an esthetic and a technological point of view. They don’t use sewing-machine at all.  Just a 3D printer and a 3D scanner that is all that they need to make an excellent dress. read more

Is 3D Printing Dangerous for our Health?


We live in polluted cities and are exposed to different emissions from mobile phones to microwave ovens.  We seem to get used to everything. But how new gadgets can influence our health? The scientists from the Illinois Institute of Technology decided to find out if 3D printers can be risky for human health and cause serious diseases like cancer. read more

First Funny Animation with 3D Printed Character

If you dream about the fame of animator you have a chance to make a short cartoon video by yourself. There are many ways to draw it in variety of computer programs. If you want to be more original follow the artist Eran Amir. He hasn’t used digital manipulations at all.  Just a camera and 3D printed baby, more than twenty 3D printed baby sculptures in one animation. read more

Amalgamma’s 3D Printed Objects That Astonish Us


Practicality and beauty are the main criteria of the modern architecture. Since ancient times there were built so many monuments, buildings and pieces of furniture that impress our imagination till nowadays.  Contemporary architects want to create something special to astonish us as well. They use high tech methods for their purposes to make the process of creation easy and varied. read more