Lady in Red, 3D Printed Dress Fits to Each Woman

What woman doesn’t dream about a perfect dress for herself? A lot of tailors work hard to please women. But the problem of choosing the smart clothing is still relevant for many ladies .

A design Company Nervous System approached dressmaking both from an esthetic and a technological point of view. They don’t use sewing-machine at all.  Just a 3D printer and a 3D scanner that is all that they need to make an excellent dress.

The method of dress creating is called Kinematics. Kinematics is a system for designing and simulating flexible structures for 3D printing. Kinematics generates customized designs composed of 10s to thousands of hinged, interlocking modules. The designs are computationally folded using rigid-body physics into a smaller form for fabrication by 3D printing.

The dress consists of more than 1600 unique pieces interconnected by more than 2600 hinges. All the components of the dress are 3D printed. Before this kinematics garments are compressed for efficient printing, because the structures are larger than they should be to be printed.

What is more important, that the dress can be fitted to any body shape thanks to 3D scanning . Each petal is individually customizable: varying in direction, length, and shape.

You can see this unique red dress at the Boston museum of fine arts from March 6 through July 10, 2016. There will be held a Techstyle exposition where this kind of 3D printed cloths will be presented in variety.


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