New and Awesome ThingMaker with 3D Printing Capabilities

The recent 2016 Toy Fair in New York City showed its visitors that retro toys like “ThingMaker” by Mattel can still be interesting to up-to-date kids if modernized properly.

A new version of the ThingMaker allows children to design a model of the toy within an app and then print it by themselves. The toy 3D printer is going to be launched this fall. read more

3D Printing Soft Robotics


What’s in common between soft robots, stretchable garments and therapeutic clothing? It’s the liquid metal that is the main construction material of all these things.

Scientists from Purdue University discovered a technique aiming to change a natural form of liquid metal into inkjet-able one.  The production method consists of dispersing liquid metal in a non-metallic solvent with the help of ultrasound. This process makes liquid metal nanoparticles that are small enough to pass through an inkjet nozzle. In the result we get the ink that can be used by a modern 3D printer. read more