3D Printers in Haute Cuisine


A wide range of kitchen devices conquered the world and took the right place in the kitchens of simple people and five- star Michelin restaurants. This device is quite new in any kitchen but it is already taken in operation by an experienced chef from Spain, Paco Perez. This is a 3D food printer that is a novelty at his working place in the restaurant La Enoteca at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. read more

3D Printed Vertebrae Saves Life


The struggle for cancer patients’ lives is still a vital task of contemporary medicine. Ralph Mobbs, a neurosurgeon at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, has won a first victory over chordoma, a grave form of cancer. He performed the first operation of implanting 3D vertebrae at the hard-to-get-to location where usual methods of surgery weren’t effective. read more

To Sell or Not To Sell Free Designed 3D Objects?


A scandal broke out around the Thingiverse and Makerbot’s Creative Commons that offer free databases of 3D printing models. The main sense of these sites is to share designs of 3D models for everyone who wants to print them for himself or sent them to a service for printing. While the company Just3DPrint decided to use the disinterestedness of the design makers to make money selling all this free designed printed stuff on eBay.  Such behavior contradicts to all the ideas the authors meant by their joining Creative Community. read more

Unbelievable Levitating 3D Technology by Boeing

The Boeing Company has proved that it can provide not only high-quality plains and flights but it also is working out an extremely new method of 3D printing based on levitation! That’s not a joke! An object is really printed in the air supported by magnets or acoustic waves.

The trick is that the main nugget is flying, turning and twisting above another magnet that gives the chance to print the layers from the different points. A multiple 3D printer’s nozzles create material around that nugget simultaneously, that makes the process of printing much faster. It also changes the usual order of printing from the bottom to the head. With levitation, nuzzles can get the printing object even from the bottom that allows doing more complex tasks and features. read more

Interactive Visualization System for Blind

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Each year possibilities for blind people increase with the help of high technologies. They make such people more adaptable to the changing world and help them to orientate in their everyday life without any assistant.

The German scientists from Hasso Plattner Institute have worked out a Linespace that is a sense making platform for the blind. It looks like a touchable 140x100cm display with a build-in 3D printer that draws tactile lines on the board. There is also the footswitch that the blind people use for typing the text and giving commands to the computer. read more

Promising Future of Bioprinting Human Body Parts


A new 3D bioprinter technology developed by scientists from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine opened a great opportunity for organ replacement. Scientists say that now they can print muscles, human bones and even the whole ear by pressing a button on the 3D bioprinter.

The lack of donated tissues and organs is a big problem for many diseased or injured people in the world today. The issue is to produce these tissues and organs using 3D printer, which can lay cells down in specific patterns. read more

3D Printer: Success Story from Start to World Gain


In eighties Chuck Hull, the inventor of 3D printer, predicted to his wife that his new device would enter the people’s houses in 25- 30 years. And was absolutely right! Now 3D printing technology gets more accessible to simple people and costs from $300 in Amazon.com market. Additive manufacturing can be used in many fields from medicine to robotics and its possibilities seem to be endless. But what 3D printing started with? read more

Magical Shape Adaptation of 4D Printed Objects


A new generation of additive manufacturing, 4D printers, copies the nature to create 3D objects that can change their shapes after they are printed. The basis of the method was borrowed from the flowers bending and twisting their petals depending on the light and humidity in the environment.

“Other active research teams exploring 4D printing require multiple materials printed together, with one material that stays rigid while another changes shape and acts like a hinge,” said Jennifer Lewi, a materials scientist, at Harvard University. read more

3D Humanitarian Response to Nepal Disaster


In September 2015 Nepalese locals were astonished to find a little plastic device dared to regulate their way of life after terrible earthquake in May 2015. A small 3D printer was brought to the camp in Bahrabise, central Nepal, by Field Ready engineers to print and facilitate some essential equipment for 200 homeless families.  read more

Hand Made 3D Printer Presented by Buildclass

Is it possible to make a 3D printer by yourself? Two businessmen from Maryland Institute College of Art, Evan Roche and Harrison Tyler, say “Yes”. They released a workshop teaching students how to make a simple 3D printer from the ground up.

Buildclass is held for 3 days and involves its participants into fabrication, programming and customization processes of 3D printers. The organizers prepared individual packages for each student with two hundred individual elements for constructing a personal printer. read more