3D Printers in Haute Cuisine


A wide range of kitchen devices conquered the world and took the right place in the kitchens of simple people and five- star Michelin restaurants. This device is quite new in any kitchen but it is already taken in operation by an experienced chef from Spain, Paco Perez. This is a 3D food printer that is a novelty at his working place in the restaurant La Enoteca at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona.

The 3D printer makes a special design for his dishes that he couldn’t produce by his hands. The device is called Foodini and it is made by Natural Machines, a Company based in the neighborhood of the Hotel Arts. Foodini was produced as a machine for food printing and its features are customized for this purpose. It can use a variety of food as a printing material from mashed potato to chocolate. The 3D food printer produces the ornate eatable lines several centimeters depth.

The printer has connection with internet and can download the designs and recipes online. Despite of the aesthetic factor Lynette Kucsma, Natural Machines co-founder, emphasizes that a great advantage of Foodini is its automation. “Imagine you need to print breadsticks in the shape of tree branches for a hundred people sitting that evening. Rather than food piping it or doing that by hand, you can automate it with a 3D food printer” she says.

But will the 3D printer be able  to cook as well as print? The developers answer:” Yes”. They are working on this capacity. And it will be a breakthrough in cookery business and a great competitive advantage on the machine market. Will it replace a man at his work place one day? Who knows? The one thing we know that the combination of man’s talent and high-tech gives a wonderful and delicious results like amazing dishes of Paco Perez.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-35631265

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