Unbelievable Levitating 3D Technology by Boeing

The Boeing Company has proved that it can provide not only high-quality plains and flights but it also is working out an extremely new method of 3D printing based on levitation! That’s not a joke! An object is really printed in the air supported by magnets or acoustic waves.

The trick is that the main nugget is flying, turning and twisting above another magnet that gives the chance to print the layers from the different points. A multiple 3D printer’s nozzles create material around that nugget simultaneously, that makes the process of printing much faster. It also changes the usual order of printing from the bottom to the head. With levitation, nuzzles can get the printing object even from the bottom that allows doing more complex tasks and features.

Actually, 3D technology is very high-demanded in aerospace industry. For example, only Boeing itself uses 20, 000 3D printed details and their quantity increases each year.

The levitating project is only on the first stage of its creation now and there are many things to think about to get a successful product at the end. Now it looks like witchery but our children will be able to use this technology making not only plains but plaits and many other casual things at their homes!

Source: https://www.popsci.com/new-boeing-patent-describes-levitating-3d-printing

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