Hand Made 3D Printer Presented by Buildclass

Is it possible to make a 3D printer by yourself? Two businessmen from Maryland Institute College of Art, Evan Roche and Harrison Tyler, say “Yes”. They released a workshop teaching students how to make a simple 3D printer from the ground up.

Buildclass is held for 3 days and involves its participants into fabrication, programming and customization processes of 3D printers. The organizers prepared individual packages for each student with two hundred individual elements for constructing a personal printer.

The Buildclass 3D printer has two optional sizes: a compact one with a print plate of 100/100/100 mm and a large one with a 200/200/200 mm print plate. All its components are made of high-quality aluminum.

“Building a 3D printer is a lot like assembling Ikea furniture,” said Johns Hopkins University sophomore Ryan Demo, who has attended a Buildclass workshop recently.  “This way you learn how the entire thing works from the ground up. We did the physical structure of the printer, we did the wiring, we could see the software, and we learned the computer side of things where you prepare the 3D file and it comes to the printer.”

Participating in the Buildclass will cost you $1200.  But  you  get  to own a cool 3D printer assembled with your own hands!

Source: https://hub.jhu.edu/2016/02/10/interesession-3d-printer-buildclass


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