First Funny Animation with 3D Printed Character

If you dream about the fame of animator you have a chance to make a short cartoon video by yourself. There are many ways to draw it in variety of computer programs. If you want to be more original follow the artist Eran Amir. He hasn’t used digital manipulations at all.  Just a camera and 3D printed baby, more than twenty 3D printed baby sculptures in one animation.

The artist called his video “Run Baby Run”. And it shows the main character running through the different urban and exotic locations.  Eran Amir recreated a 13-frame run cycle 3D printing babies sculptures in different running poses. Then he made a special rig to hold the sculptures at the same point in front of the camera. The next step was to take pictures of the babies in sequence while moving his camera a little for every shot. The whole process took 3 months from planning to shooting.


Over 2,500 unique photos were shot in the making of the animation.

While the baby is running through the beautiful landscapes and internet sites you can see the backstage of the creating process:


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