Paper, Ink and Glue Are Used in New 3D Printer


CES tech show in Las Vegas presented a variety of new 3D printers and new 3D printing techniques in January 2016. One of them was a 3D printer Mcor Arke that uses quite an advanced and simple technique to get a highly detailed printed object.

What is more important, that the technique is accessible for consumer 3D printers now. Even the launched price of new Mcor Arke ($ 5, 995) is comparatively good for such a high-end machine. The only rival of Mcor Arke is IRIS 3D printer whose price is $40 K.

“This printer’s resolution is twice that of any industrial machine, and those industrial machines typically cost over $50,000.” said Daniel O’Connor from TCT magazine.

Mcor Arke’s method of 3D printing is based on cutting plain paper into shape with the help of razor. Then inkjets colour it and glue to combine all the layers together. The last step of printing is the lamination of the derived object.

The Mcor Arke creates colour models at a resolution of 4,800 by 2,400 dots per inch, providing higher detail than many 2D printers. It is 50% increase in DPI resolution and a 150% increase in color resolution.

“On top of improved reliability, higher DPI, faster speed, we’ve also added another actuator to the glue wheel, so the wheel can now follow any contour. So, making a cylinder, for example, is now going to be much simpler than before. We simply did not want to hold back on the development of this printer, just to safeguard IRIS sales. We wanted to give the best that we could put into one machine, and create the 3D printer that we wanted to build for years.” Said Conor MacCormack, Mcor’s Co-founder and CEO.

Well, Mcor Technologies did a great breakthrough in 3D printing development and accessibility.  Especially they made an accent on the variety of colors of the printed model, because the purity of colours and their shades are in priority for industrial designers. And this is what up-to-date 3D printers needed for before Mcor Arke has come to the market.  



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