3D Printed Bridge to be Built in Amsterdam


The Robotic era may come sooner than we think. The MX3D team tries to accelerate this process with their project of 3D bridge printing. Imagine two big robotic arms that print a steel bridge from both parts of the river! This picture may come true next years.  Since October 2015 MX3D develops industrial multi-axis robots with 3D tools. They also think about the software that will help to control the print work.

” What distinguishes our technology from traditional 3D printing methods is that we work according to the ‘Printing Outside the box’ principle. By printing with 6-axis industrial robots, we are no longer limited to a square box in which everything happens. Printing a functional, life-size bridge is of course the ideal way to demonstrate the endless possibilities of this technique.” said Tim Geurtjens, CTO MX3D.

According to the MX3D printing method, a specially designed arm heats up the steel to 1,500° C (2,732° F) before welding the structure. It provides strong, durable and complex bridge to be built.

The Process will be held on-site. The six-axis robotic arm is going to be placed at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam. The visitors and locals of Netherlands’ capital will be able to watch the whole process of printing during three – four months of high- tech building.  

The MX3D creators hope that the digital and 3D production will confidently enter the world of large-scale manufacturing, functional objects and sustainable materials. And the bridge it’s not only the debut of such manufacturing but it’s also a great metaphor of connecting the old world and the new one.

Source: https://mx3d.com/projects/bridge/

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